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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Swag: Supporting The Station

"How does Skydog's Red Dirt Radio stay alive on the Internet?" 

   Broadcasting fees on Live365 are very reasonable and worth every penny, considering that Live365 tabulates and pays the royalties to the artists for the broadcaster. THAT in itself would be a major task... More than this ol' southern boy could keep up with! So, Live365 is a good thing!!

   Live365 offers 2 types of membership to listeners: Free and VIP (paid). You can listen "free" with radio ads just like brick & mortar stations (whoopee!) or sign up for a VIP membership - averages around 6 bucks a month and No ads and CD quality sound. Can't beat that with a stick!! The station is credited a small percentage of the monthly fee...comes directly off the bill.

Find out more on the VIP Membership by clicking HERE.

 BUT...broadcasting certainly ain't free...and a paramedic's salary where does the money come from? ANSWER: Swag

Swag...Stuff...You know...T-Shirts, Caps, Coffee Cups...even baby blankets and thongs (talk about covering both ends of the spectrum!). All with "Skydog" designed logos (and a few smart-ass sayings).

I use two sites: CafePress and Zazzle for the "swag production". Both produce high quality images on really good quality stock. I have T-Shirts and cups from both that are over 10 years old and still looking good...
I only make a dollar (or less) profit from sales, but on a good month, I can almost pay the Bill! Click on the links below to HELP SUPPORT RED DIRT RADIO :

Zazzle also has a widget...check out the swag from the Zazzle Store:

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Pretty Cool, ain't it?

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