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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Skydawg Radio Celebrates 10 Years ! !

Ten Years & Counting!

Skydawg Radio Celebrates 10 Years On The Web

Welcome to the Next 10 Years!
 - Ten years ago, Skydawg Radio began as a "personal jukebox" for my rapidly expanding collection of Red Dirt, Southern Rock and Outlaw Country music. Over the years, the station name has changed to reflect a more "southern" viewpoint; face it, down South, there's a "W" in dog! But through it all, the focus has remained the same: Real music for Real people
   Skydawg Radio has always given a shot to the underdogs (pronounced "dawgs"). The playlists have often featured politically incorrect lyrics, a few cuss words here and there, and songs you don't hear on the ClearChannel-owned stations. 
   New bands and artists are always an important component...they ARE the future of  "Our Kind Of Music"! 
   And Skydawg Radio will never forget the Original Outlaws of Southern Rock and Country music. They paved the way...


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